Jerry Lawler Reveals McMahon’s View Of The HOF


Credit: Miami Herald

Jerry Lawler recently spoke with the Miami Herald, talking about Vince McMahon’s view on the WWD Hall of Fame. Lawler talked about not wanting to be inducted in 2007 initially and told McMahon that, saying he didn’t think his career was over.

“I’d always related the Hall of Fame to baseball and football where you don’t go in until a couple of years after your career is over,” Lawler said. “So I said to myself and Vince, ‘I don’t feel my career is over. I still want to compete. I still want to perform.’ He said, ‘You have to understand. The WWE Hall of Fame is not like baseball and football in that sense. It’s not that you have to wait until someone’s career is over. If you look around, there are guys in there who still compete, still perform. We just do it to honor and acknowledge what you have accomplished to this point.'”

Lawler also says in the interview that he would like to see Andy Kaufman, whom Lawler did his famous angle with, inducted into the celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame. “I’ve pushed for him to be there,” he said. “The match I had with him, and that whole scenario I think opened the door and changed the face of wrestling to what it is today…Every time you look around Hollywood stars want to be on Monday Night Raw or involved in WWE. I think it all started with Andy Kaufman. I think he really deserves to be in there.” Lawler also said he’d like to see Memphis wrestling announcer Lance Russell inducted.

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