Jerry Lawler Says He Still Loves Wrestling As Much As He Can


Jerry Lawler talked with Bill Apter (via and explained why he still works so much on the indie scene still…

“I still love to get in the ring as often as possible because quite simply that’s why I got in to this business. I never started in this business wanting to be a commentator or announcer… I wanted to be a wrestler. The commentating thing just kinda came along twenty-four years ago and just kind of fell in my lap because Randy Savage was doing the commentary alongside Vince McMahon and all of a sudden Randy jumped ship without any notice. We were stuck with no announcer and I was going out to wrestle and Vince McMahon came to me and said, “Do you mind doing the commentary tonight? I’ll have somebody ready to go next week.” Twenty-four years later and I’m still doing commentary. What I missed out on is twenty-four years of wrestling. I didn’t get in this to be a commentator I got in to this to be a wrestler. So I’m no longer active doing the commentary, not on a weekly basis. I just did the Royal Rumble and I’ll be hosting the Hall of Fame and all of that stuff but I still like to be active in the ring. People say, “Oh, your heart!” And all of that. Well being active and doing wrestling is the best thing for your heart. You don’t want to just become sedentary sitting on the couch somewhere.”

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