Jerry Lawler Still Unable To Speak + More RAW Live Notes


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— According to sources, friends of Jerry Lawler’s family say that Lawler had three stents put in Monday night following a heart attack. Lawler still has not spoken since collapsing during RAW. There is no word on brain damage or how things will end up. More as we get it.

Jeremy sent this in: “Nationally syndicated sports radio show ‘The Dan Patrick Show’ brought up last night’s events on WWE Raw. It was brief, but did give an update for those that follow WWE. Nothing news breaking, but caught my ear.”

Gabrielle St-Amand sent this one along:

I was at the Bell Center last night for RAW so I just thought I’d send you these quick notes. They had a house show earlier this year in March at the Bell Center. That show was way better.

Overall, and I don’t know how it came off of TV but judging by the crowd reaction live, the show felt a bit dull, and that doesn’t take into consideration what happened to Lawler because I think most of the crowd thought it was a work.

The highlight of the night, by far was Bret Hart. When he said “Merci”, the crowd became even louder, it felt a bit surreal and it was a very nice moment. You could tell that people were looking forward for that moment when The Hitman would finally come back to Montreal.

The best wrestling bout was Randy Orton vs. CM Punk, the crowd was really into it. The reaction was even bigger when Lawler got involved and it became a tag match with Jerry Lawler/Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler/CM Punk.

There were a few ECW chants when Paul Heyman showed up.

During a few commercial breaks, they showed footage for the live audience of Pat Patterson’s career.

The court hearing sketch with Sheamus got a few laughs. Sheamus was funny in it.

The Divas match was well, there!!! Nothing much to say about it really, Layla got a few pops.

Daniel Bryan got “oui oui oui” chants: a lot

During Kane/Daniel Bryan vs. Prime Time Players match, at some point, we saw security guys running through the crowd towards the announcing table. At first, I thought they were throwing someone out of the building. In the section I was sitting at, we couldn’t really see the announcing table so we didn’t see EMTs bringing Lawler backstage via stretcher.

Before the segment with Cena, Punk and Bret Hart started, Justin Roberts announced to us that “Pat Patterson’s appreciation night event was cancelled out of respect for Jerry Lawler”. Again most of the crowd thought it was a work because I think at that point, Michael Cole had already announced on TV that Jerry Lawler fainted, and obviously, we couldn’t hear it.

That last segment was off the charts!!! When he came out, Cena got drowned by boos!!! But when he cut this great promo, people cheered loudly. When he spoke in French, he got a nice pop.

Glad to hear Jerry Lawler is recovering, slowly but surely.

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