Jerry Lawler: “There’s Only A Small Amount Of Critics Of The Current WWE Product!”


During a recent edition of his “Dinner with the King” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler commented on the current WWE product and fans being upset with it. You can check out some highlights below:

On WWE’s critics: “Everybody does not complain about the current product. It’s not the vast majority either. It’s a small amount of people, a very select few that probably have nothing better to do than live their life on social media and that is really sad; but, those are the people that complain. If you’ve got nothing better to do in your life than spend time, sitting down and typing something out on your phone and getting on social media to complain about a wrestling show, man, you really do need to get a life. To all of those naysayers there, you’ve got to eat your words because whatever they’re doing is definitely working. You can’t knock success, so there you go.”

On his line regarding Jeff Jarrett at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony: “Well we did just receive a call during that last break from the Country Music Hall of Fame and they said that Brian James and Jeff Jarrett are barred for life. I’ll tell you something right now that I probably shouldn’t tell and he probably wouldn’t want me to tell; but, Vince, himself, gave me that line.”

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