Jerry Lawler Wants Rock-Cena 2 At WrestleMania 29


In an interview with The New York Post, Jerry Lawler talked about The Shield, the 20th anniversary of RAW and more. Here are highlights:


On seeing a weekly flashback segment on RAW: “I know in 20 years there have been so many great moments that we wouldn’t have been able to cram them all in there, but I wish we could have seen more. I almost wish that every week there was a segment like a ‘Blast from the Past’ where we go back and look at what happened on a certain date in Raw history.”

On feeling like an outsider in WWE: “I’m going to be honest with you, sometimes when I’m backstage at Monday Night Raw, even though I’m an integral part of the show doing the commentary, some of these guys are so young and so new and are just getting their feet wet in this business, I think sometimes they are a little intimidated to come hang out with some of the veteran guys like myself. So what happens is that I find myself sometimes feeling like an outsider looking in at these young guys. It’s always good to see a guy like Mick Foley, Ric Flair and The Rock, who certainly isn’t an old guy by any means, but it is good to see these guys come back that I’ve dealt with and wrestled with. I enjoy that.”

On wanting Rock-Cena 2 at Wrestlemania 29: “I know Cena would give his right arm to have that match again. There are so many different scenarios that can take place, none of them are going to be bad. WrestleMania is still going to be WrestleMania no matter who wins the Rumble.”

On The Shield: “I would hate to see that happen to these three guys and that’s why I say it needs to go to that next level and I feel like in order to do that they’ll need to have a little bit of a different kind of exposure. They’re all interesting characters. (Dean) Ambrose reminds me of the Joker from Batman. The Heath Ledger one. It’s almost like I can just see that he’s got that kind of personality that people associated with that villain and he could go places with it. That’s why I think they need to change them up a little bit.”

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