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NewsJerry Lynn Speaks On Winning ROH Title, WWE, More

Jerry Lynn Speaks On Winning ROH Title, WWE, More



Thanks to Christy Olson for sending us the following:

Jerry Lynn is the special guest this week on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 1,2,360, talking about his first time in the WWF locker room, why he couldn’t wait to drop the ROH World Championship belt, and more. Check out the full X-Pac 1,2,360 interview video:

You can download the podcast version on iTunes:, with highlights below.

Jerry talks about being strong for his size: I was probably doing a little gas…Back then you pretty much had to to get looked at, because back then when we broke in the majority of the guys were well over six-feet-tall and 250 pounds. There were a lot of indie shows I’d go to, I walked in the locker room and some of the guys would be looking at me, wouldn’t even say hi or anything, would just look at me like what are you doing here?

How he and Sean would promote their GWF matches: We’d go to Kinko’s and [Sean] you yourself would print up the tickets, and you’d make the flyers and printed up the flyers and we’d go and drop flyers and tickets off at different places that would let us. Sean did a lot of promoting.

On his first time in the WWE locker room: One Man Gang, he’s wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and playing with a yo-yo. Standing next to him was Rick Rude and Curt Hennig, waiting for their turn to play with that yo-yo. I’m sitting there watching this and at first I’m thinking, holy crap these guys are big! I’m thinking, if the fans could only see this.

Jerry reveals his feelings about winning the Ring of Honor World Championship: I was glad for my run in Ring of Honor. It actually did reignite my career for some more years, kept me going. But after the first weekend loop, after the second night, I said to Adam Pearce, who was booking at the time, I said I can’t wait to drop this strap. He said, really? Why? I said, because they’ve raised the bar so high as to what it takes to win a match now. This is taking years off my career. He says, I’d like to see what these guys look like after twenty years. I said, these guys aren’t going to have twenty year careers.

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