Jesse Sorensen Shoots On TNA & Dixie Carter


Here are some highlights of a recent Highspots interview with Jesse Sorensen covering his injury, TNA departure and more:

– At the hospital, Jesse’s mom was freaking out about the bills, but Dixie Carter re-assured her in front of everyone that she didn’t have to worry about money.

– Jesse said Dixie specifically said, “As long as I have this company, you’ll always have a job.” Dixie even told Jesse’s mom she thought of him like her son as well. At one point Sorensen’s mom referred to him as “my son,” and Dixie corrected her and said, “You mean OUR son.”

– Jesse could move after the first few days, but was in too much pain to walk. Out of nowhere, Kurt Angle burst into the hospital room, gave him the mother of all motivational speeches, told him to stop feeling sorry for himself and get up and go on with his life. Jesse later managed to walk down the hall to the bathroom.

– He gets the criticism about wrestling again, but says it makes him happy and you have to live life to the fullest. He admits he might be addicted to wrestling.

– When he broke his neck he was under his mom’s insurance, but admits the insurance was “pretty crappy” and maxed out at $10,000.

– He paid for his MRIs, doctor appointments, cat scans and rehab himself. He said he has friends in WWE who were stunned at the situation because if they ever got hurt, they never even saw a medical bill. He said the only way his mom managed to rid herself of the bills was to file for bankruptcy.

– TNA’s response to his complaints about medical costs was to give him a production job that paid decently. Jesse denies it was a lot of money though, especially compared to guys like Hogan.

– He got fired and said the company seemed taken aback by the massive negative reaction. Dixie called Sorensen after the “Ask Dixie” stuff flared up and asked him if they could release a joint statement saying the release was 100% amicable and he asked to be let go to pursue other things. He said no and told her to just let it blow over. His mom was furious at Dixie for even asking.

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