Jesse Ventura Believes Donald Trump Wouldn’t Stand A Chance Against Him If He Ran For President


Former WWE star and ex-Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura was recently interviewed by TMZ Sports. Ventura talked about the rumors that WrestleMania 36 could take place in his hometown of Minneapolis.

At 66-years-old, Ventura said he’s still in great shape and could be a part of WrestleMania one more time. He also said Donald Trump “wouldn’t stand a chance” running for president against him. Here are the highlights:


Being a part of WrestleMania 36 if it’s in Minneapolis: “I’m just telling you I’m in fighting shape,” Ventura said. “I ain’t saying I am [wrestling again] but I’m just saying [WrestleMania] is in Minneapolis. If they were smart, if they’re smart, I’m not saying they’re smart.”

Ventura vs. Trump for President: “If I do do it, Trump will not have a chance,” Ventura said. “For one, Trump knows wrestling. He participated in two Wrestlemanias. He knows he can never out-talk a wrestler, and he knows I’m the greatest talker wrestling’s ever had.”

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