Jessicka Says She Was Concerned About Changing Her Character In Impact Wrestling


During a recent interview with Darren Paltrowitz, Impact Wrestling Knockout Jessicka (formally Havok) commented on the storyline that led to the change, being nervous about it at first, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


On the storyline that led to the change: “Havok is a very special breed as far as I’m concerned. Havok has been tearing through the ranks of women’s wrestling for a better part of 19 years and the thing is, you know, Havok I feel after everything that happened with Masha [Slamovich] and Havok just kind of leaving without any — didn’t even tell Rosemary, who is her best friend didn’t tell any members of DECAY, just kind of disappeared. No one knows where Havok is. Rosemary is desperately trying to figure out where Havok went, feels that Havok is the warrior that is needed for this, and the only struggle that I have had since Jessicka has made an appearance is just trying to prove to Rosemary.”

On being nervous about the change: “It’s a bit scary when you introduce something so new to the world because you don’t know how people are going to take it. There were a handful of fans that were like, ‘This is really stupid.’ But as the weeks played on, I saw those same people be like, ‘Okay, wait a minute. This is pretty fun.’ Who hates fun? What kind of person are you if you hate fun? So it’s just — Jessicka’s is an exaggerated version of who I am in real life. There have been so many times when fans have come up to me at shows during intermission or meet-and-greets, and been like, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re like the nicest person, I thought that you were scary and stuff.’ It’s just like, ‘Well, of course, I’m nice. I am still scary, and don’t you forget it.’ But you know, it’s been honestly a little more freeing to be able to express — because I feel like there’s a lot of there’s a lot more of a range of Jessicka. I think my biggest concern was, is Jessica going to be accepted? I think it’s going pretty great so far… Aside from Rosemary, of course. But, we’re working on that.”

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