Jessie Godderz Reportedly Done With iMPACT! Wrestling, Kaz Speaks Out, iMPACT! Live Event


— Jessie Godderz is reportedly done with iMPACT! Wrestling. He worked with the company since 2011 and is a former two-time tag team champion with Robbie E.

— Tickets are now on sale for iMPACT! Wrestling’s first live event in years on August 5. It happens at the Richmond County Hall Ball Park in Staten Island, New York. You can find tickets here.

— In a recent interview, Frankie Kazarian gave his thoughts on his recent loss to Cody, the Bullet Club and more. Here are highlights:

On his loss to Cody: “I am not one to make excuses. When you’re in there with a guy at the level of Cody, I can’t say his last name or I’ll get sued, it’s going to happen. Like I said, I’m not the kind to make excuses or point fingers. Things happen, it definitely wasn’t my last dance with Bullet Club. I’ll see them a little later in the night and it’s definitely not my last fight with Cody.”

On getting one over on the Bullet Club: “It’s good to have it on my resume that I was the one guy who was able to infiltrate Bullet Club and start to put some cracks in the foundation. We got a lot of really good feedback on that and it played out just like we’d imagined. Really cool in 2017 to be able to get someone when all the fans are so smart to the business. Almost more so than the wrestlers! It’s always nice to be able to pull the wool over their eyes so to speak.”

On Christopher Daniels vs. Cody at Best in the World: “I don’t see us and Bullet Club ever ending our feud. Regardless of the end of that match it’s just one of those feuds that we’ve been involved in pretty much since we’ve been in Ring of Honor. I just don’t see it ending anytime soon with them continuing to add members. It’s one of those things that I just see rolling.”

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