Jey Uso Discusses Facing Roman Reigns, Possible Faction


Jey Uso did an interview with Alex McCarthy of TalkSport to promote his match against Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions. 

Here are some of the highlights: 

On Facing Reigns: 

“It feels good, uce. It feels real good. Every week that keeps passing on, it’s soaking in and I’m starting to embrace it. When it first happened, I was kind of doubting myself. Like, I am a tag team guy, what am I doing in here? But I won the fatal four-way and the momentum is just coming, uce. The interviews are coming, the love is coming – my confidence is at 100 right now.

I’m about to go out there and take full advantage of this. I know there’s a lot of haters saying ‘uce ain’t gonna win’ – hey, whatever. I’m a damn sure give it my best shot and it’s going to be something to see. It’s gonna be a hard-hitting, Uso backyard match just like when we were kids. Except we got 300lbs more behind us now [laughs].”

On a possible Samoan faction: 

“The Bloodline will come on and off. That will always be there. But imagine us running that thing full-blown – and I would love to be heel – a heel faction. Hell yeah, bro! I wanna see some Samoan Swat Team 2.0 type of things, man. It’s written by itself, right?”

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