Jey Uso Reveals How Much Of His Promos With Roman Reigns Are Scripted, More


During a recent interview with The Gorilla Position, Jey Uso commented on how much of his promos with Roman Reigns are scripted, the ThunderDome experience, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how much of their promos are written by creative: “Not a lot of it, uce. As far as what I’m saying, what he’s saying? Not a lot. I react to what he’s said. Because they can’t write our promos. They can’t write that. They can’t write how he feels about me, and how I feel about him, uce. But the cool thing is about it, we got to the level now where they trust us to do, ‘Do your thing.’ They trust us now. And it feels good to finally get to that level, you know? Finally, where people are like, ‘Yo yo yo, he’s a good player. You trust him, he’ll do what he needs to do. Take the chains off him.’ And I think that’s what they finally did. And we’re just going more and more, bro. Like every week.”

On the piped-in noise to the ThunderDome: “Yeah, that piped in noise? I can hear that. I hate it, though. There’s no energy, there is no energy.. I have to draw that from either myself or my opponent. You know how you would walk through the curtains, and there would just be people [in the audience]. That’s like you dancing. You could dance in that empty room with the mirror, or you know when it’s go time with the people? Now you’ve got more off in it. So that part I miss, because I have to draw that from within myself, uce. I really, really miss the people, man … That’s what made wrestling special, like football. A live crowd, live audience.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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