Jim Cornette Addresses Why He Thinks WWE Writing Is Ludicrous


Jim Cornette talked with Total Wrestling Magazine for a new interview. Some of the highlights are below:

On Kevin Owens winning the WWE Universal Championship: “Everyone tweeted me the next day saying things like ‘I bet Cornette is hanging himself in his closet’ or ‘suck on this’ just like I’m committing suicide because he won a belt. I mean – he’s worked hard, they put the belt on the Miz at one point – if I didn’t hang myself when they put the WWE title on the Miz, I’m certainly not going to do it when they put the belt on Owens.”

On WWE’s writing: “The writers have ‘ideas for people’ and try to find people who ‘look like’ those people. Instead of saying – ‘okay, people seem to like this guy, let’s run with him’ they’ve already figured out what they want to put out there, they just need to find someone to play him. It’s ludicrous. It’s why people don’t connect, and when they do connect, it’s for something the writers didn’t expect. So they get mad and bury the poor guy.”

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