Jim Cornette Calls AEW Segment “The Worst Segment” On Wrestling Television


Jim Cornette has bashed a recent segment from AEW’s House of Black as the worst segment he has ever seen on wrestling television.

On last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, the House of Black interrupted a segment featuring Brian Pillman Jr., Julia Hart and Griff Garrison, with Black attempting to lure Hart into his stable.

The segment has been criticized by fans, as the story involving the House of Black and Varsity Blonds started months ago before being forgotten.

Speaking on his “The Jim Cornette Experience” podcast, Cornette made it clear he wasn’t a fan either:

“This was the worst segment I have ever seen on wrestling television because there was no redeeming value to this. This material was so horrible that nobody cared. Anybody who came up with this story should be sent away to prison. There’s no punishment too heinous. Nobody should have been forced to watch this. You send the kid [Brian Pillman Jr] to tell this story, which is hokey b****t. He tried so hard that he ended up screaming and squeaking, trying to put his soul into it for the rotten creative.”

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