Jim Cornette Comments On His UK Speaking Tour


Credit: Fighting Spirit Magazine

In a column for the Fighting Spirit Magazine, Jim Cornette recently wrote about the choice to do a speaking tour of the UK. Here is what he had to say…

“As Abdullah the Butcher would say, “Timing is everything”. I’ve been away from wrestling for over a year now and I’m considerably calmer and healthier, having no reason to believe a coronary is upcoming. I haven’t been on an airplane in over 10 years, so for me to take just two flights now, if something happens I will go down in history as the guy with the sh**tiest luck in the world. I’m flattered I have so many fans in the UK and I’m looking forward to meeting them. I’ve always been a fan of British Wrestling and it’s stars, and British culture in general, and I’d like to see all the places I’ve read about and seen on TV. I’m excited about this project and the plans for the shows and filming I will be taking part in. I’m enjoying working with my promoters, Alex Shane and James Dixon, and they made me a generous financial offer. And the other 95% of the reason is that my wife Stacey is infatuated with the UK, has always wanted me to take her there, and I have no more excuses in my arsenal–a horrible death in a fiery plane crash is NOTHING compared to Mrs. C when she’s pissed!”

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