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NewsJim Cornette Comments On WWE's Decision To Release Jeff Hardy

Jim Cornette Comments On WWE’s Decision To Release Jeff Hardy



During episode 231 of his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, Jim Cornette talked about WWE’s decision to release Jeff Hardy back in December 2021.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On dealing with performers under the influence:

“I personally, myself, have future endeavored a couple of people in my time during the wrestling business for being under the influence of something, and it was f*cking obvious.  That’s why they got future endeavored, because it was f*cking obvious.

Actually in one case I was trying to avoid it being obvious to me and the son of a b*tch wouldn’t let me. Came right up to me where I had no other choice.”

On Jeff Hardy’s release:

“Unless it was a situation, which apparently it was not, where there’s no need for a test, this is pretty much an open and shut case.

Why didn’t they wait until the results of the test came back before they gave him the ultimatum to go to rehab? They just ran the mother f*cker off, and let him go. They released him because he wouldn’t do what they asked him to do, that he knew he didn’t need to do.”

WWE’s decision to offer Jeff Hardy a Hall of Fame spot after his release:

“We’ve slandered you publicly in front of the world, demanded you go to rehab, then we’ve released you for nothing more than being goofy at a house show, and now we want you to come back and we’ll put you in the Hall of Fame. F*ck You.”

On the possibility of Jeff Hardy signing with All Elite Wrestling:

“If I was Tony Khan, I just shuddered at that thought, the minute he is available, contractually whatever the separation agreement was, whenever they can book a good-sized arena for a major live production in the state of North Carolina, I’d have to try and do another Punk in Chicago business with the Hardy Boys reuniting in Fayetteville, or whatever.”

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