Jim Cornette Discusses WWE Offering Ultimate Warrior Huge Contract After Montreal Screwjob


Jim Cornette talked about Vince McMahon offering a huge contract to the Ultimate Warrior in December of 1997 following the Montreal Screwjob and Bret Hart’s departure for WCW. 

Here is what Cornette had to say on a recent edition of Cornette’s Drive-Thru: 

“Vince is fucking freaking out. Now he’s lost Bret and he thinks Warrior is going there. I was already off the creative team. December 17th, 1997, I would bet that he had the idea to do this on December 16th, 1997.”

 “He always thinks he can either handle these people or he can talk them into it or he’s just got a blind spot or whatever, but it seems like he gives the best deals, best offers, and the most preferential treatment to the biggest head cases and biggest pains in the ass. So I cannot answer the question of why he would have done this. The answer to the question is to keep him from going to WCW but the answer to the question is really more complicated. Why the fuck would you want this motherfucker in your life? He still thought he would be some kind of ratings draw for the opposition or for himself.”

H/T to 411 Mania

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