Jim Cornette Loses Preliminary Injunction Over G-Raver T-Shirt – Details


Jim Cornette filed a preliminary injunction against G-Raver dating back to 2019 over a t-shirt that said “F*ck Jim Cornette”. Cornette has lost this injunction and we have all the details of what went down below. Cornette chose to pursue the lawsuit over the t-shirt featuring his likeness. G-Raver’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against his client and that motion was denied.

Alexandra J. Roberts, who writes on trademarks and entertainment law, revealed the details of the preliminary injunction in a Twitter thread, stating that “the court says the t-shirts aren’t commerce but speech: “G-Raver sold the shirts…to critique Cornette’s views on deathmatch wrestling through parody; 1a protects this expression…b/c parodies are a valuable means of expression to weaken the ideas the celebrity espouses.”


Roberts also went on to say that “on top of that, the shirts don’t create a likelihood of confusion & Cornette’s name may possess the distinctiveness that would make it a trademark. it’s certainly not a famous one capable of dilution. even if it were a mark, defendants’ uses aren’t similar” and that “even when the use is facially for a commercial or advertising purpose; the relevant exception here is…the shirts are expressive works & the use is through a communications medium.”

The court also ruled that the shirts are “works “invented by G-Raver’s imagination”; they are transformative.” Roberts noted how interesting cases like this from the wrestling world are: “cases about the wrestling world are always fascinating b/c the parties are not exactly people but not purely fictional characters”

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