Jim Cornette Praises The Revival, Chats About Modern In-Ring Psychology, More


In an interview with Total Wrestling Magazine, Jim Cornette talked about modern in-ring psychology and praised former NXT tag team champions, The Revival. Below are some of the highlights:

Who impresses him in WWE: “The Revival are such a great tag team. I enjoy watching those guys. They have an uncommon level of sharpness that guys these days just don’t have. If they were wearing body suits and masks, you could say that they’re Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson. They’ve got the pantomime – the way they move their bodies, the crispness, the ring positioning, little things that veterans would notice as being proper and sharp. Along with their great psychology – they build their matches. I saw their match with Tommasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano and there were a few dives, but a lot of times, fans were at their loudest when no one was taking any punishment. It was the payoff to what they had built. They’re just ahead of a lot of guys that I’ve seen in the last few years.”

On modern in-ring psychology: “A lot of independent wrestling fans want it looking like a videogame, and no one actually gets hurt even though they’re doing things that could be used as a hospitalization angle. The top babyface champion could come back after three months out and get revenge and draw mega gate or internet pay per view – but instead he’ll just kick out at two. Videogame matches don’t draw mainstream money.”

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