Jim Cornette Reacts To Bray Wyatt’s Match At The 2023 WWE Royal Rumble


At the 2023 WWE Royal Rumble PLE, Bray Wyatt defeated LA Knight in a Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match. The match and its aftermath has drawn a polarized reaction from the WWE Universe.

Following the event, Bray Wyatt also made an appearance at the post-show press conference, where he reiterated his desire to push the envelope and venture into stuff that hasn’t been done in wrestling before.


The match and Wyatt’s subsequent comments have now drawn the ire of wrestling legend Jim Cornette, who had some choice words for the former three-time World Champion and his philosophy on wrestling.

Here’s what Cornette said on his Drive-Thru podcast:

This guy is the drizzling s**ts because he thinks that elements of other TV shows need to be in wrestling. And a lot of these other a*****es think that too. They wanna be video game characters, they wanna be horror movie stars, they wanna get booked in C-level horror movies, remakes of s**t that was actually good that some moron is gonna take and ruin for everybody else that liked that kinda thing. These people are ruining wrestling for us.

“If you don’t wanna be a wrestler, you don’t wanna do the s**t that wrestlers have done before, do something else, don’t get in f*****g wrestling. That’s my advice, wish or fervent hope. Don’t clutter up the f*****g wrestling business. There’s a reason people haven’t done most of the things that Bray Wyatt has done before because they are f*****g stupid as applied to wrestling.”

Jim Cornette’s perception of Bray Wyatt seemed to have taken a positive turn upon his return to WWE. Now it seems Cornette has completely given up on Wyatt again.

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