Jim Cornette & Reby Hardy Continue Twitter Feud After Ripping AEW Fan


We previously reported Jim Cornette’s reaction to a fan jumping the barricade at AEW Dynamite Road Rager, which you can see here:

Jim Cornette Rips The Fan Who Breached Security During AEW Dynamite


Cornette’s tweet sparked a reaction from AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, along with an extended exchange between him and Matt Hardy’s wife Reby Hardy. It’s well-known that Cornette has never liked Omega and has fired shots at Reby many times over the years. Some of these posts contain profanity.

Jim Cornette

Kenny Omega did not respond directly to Cornette, but elaborated on the fact he’s not a “real man” in a response to a fan.

Reby Hardy however, wouldn’t back down from a fight with a guy who she says has touted imaginary “beef” with her for years in countless clickbait videos.

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