Jim Cornette Shares What Tony Khan ‘Did Something Right For Once’


Jim Cornette commented during his recent podcast episode on AEW signing longtime Ring of Honor star Jay Lethal.

Cornette has been critical of AEW in the past and likely the future, but he is a big fan of Lethal so he was happy about this move. 

“By the way, we really have to congratulate Tony Khan. You did something right for once. No, I do not need to congratulate Jay Lethal. He deserves it. Actually, he deserves better, but I congratulate Tony for figuring out that Jay Lethal was available and he could sign him up. He has been around, for 4 years Jay Lethal has been an untapped resource. He has been in other promotions, has been happy and contractually committed there. Despite that, I have always thought that he deserved a top spot where the most people could see what he can do while he still can so.” 

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