Jim Cornette Shoots Hard On Kevin Dunn


Recently, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful took to Twitter and shared an old clip of John Morrison trying out for WWE “Tough Enough” season two. Morrison didn’t make the cut after his tryout, as WWE producer Kevin Dunn wasn’t interested after seeing what the future Intercontinental Champion had to offer.

The following year, Morrison would actually win “Tough Enough” season three. You can check out the clip here:

After seeing this, professional wrestling legend Jim Cornette took to Twitter and blasted Dunn. Cornette claims that Dunn has “torpedoed” 100s of talents over the years, and also alleged that Dunn is ashamed to be in the wrestling business. Here’s what Cornette had to say about Dunn:

“Kevin “Bucky Beaver” Dunn has torpedoed 100’s of talented wrestlers over the years, as he is ashamed he’s in the wrestling business & hates it, even though he’s been made a millionaire by it. What he doesn’t know about wrestling could fill a library. Also, he’s an a**hole.”

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