Jim Cornette Takes A Shot At Adam Cole For ‘Blemishing’ His Talent In AEW



Jim Cornette still isn’t a fan of AEW and once again took to Twitter to let it be known.

This time, Cornette responded to a tweet from Adam Cole where he said he’s not even in his prime yet. Cole noted that he’s had a “great 13 year career” but he’s “not even in my prime yet.” Cornette retweeted the message and said,

“Sad to say, Adam, you should have tweeted this before you left the big time and joined the Lollipop Guild. Every match you spend joking around with and getting kissed by juvenile delinquents instead of kicking stars’ asses further blemishes your considerable talent.”

Cornette is known for despising AEW and often criticizes the company on his weekly podcast.

As of this writing, Adam Cole has yet to respond.

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