Jim Johnston: Triple H Had ‘An Unusual Amount of Say’ In His WWE Music


In an interview with the RRBG podcast (via Fightful), Jim Johnston spoke about Triple H’s themes and how he had an ‘unusual amount of say’ in his songs. Here are the highlights:

On Triple H’s theme songs:

“Triple H was very involved because he was a big star, but also even more involved when he became involved with Stephanie and ended up getting married and then became really up the corporate ladder,” Johnston began by saying. “So, he had an unusual amount of say in his music. But I would say overall he was, even though he could have been more forward with me, I would say overall he was pretty respectful of my turf and let me come up with stuff. But he had a lot of different themes over the years. He had the Hunter Hearst theme, the harpsichord theme. Then he was a major player of DX for a long time. Then ‘My Time.’”

On working with Motorhead:

“Oh yeah, that was great. They did three of my songs for him. They did ‘King of Kings,’ ‘The Game,’ and ‘Evolution.’”

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