Jim Ross Addresses RAW Rap Trainwreck Segment


Jim Ross tweeted the following tonight:


I apologize 4 the worst segment of tv I’ve ever killed. Had a rap thought, lost it. Won a Slammy!:)

It was likely my ‘rap’ & spinerooni. Not my area of expertise. My apologies to all w/ sight.

To all folks w/ sight I apologize for my feeble attempt at ‘rapping.’ I sux. Better stick to occasional PBP & selling JR’S @ wweshop.com.

“@JoeyStyles: Mike Adamle just watched that segment and emailed his resume to WWE.” That’s cold. But likely true. I’m ashamed of myself.

Michael Cole ur damn fool. King beat u like Gov Mule. I should call Raw ur not in my class. U kissed kings feet now u can kiss my ass! Whew.

@JerryLawler …. sorry I embarrassed the team. huge brain fart! Cole’s face made me go blank. rap career dead!! #sauceit!

“@mauroranallo: One segment in and I am VERY GRATEFUL that I pvr’ed WWE Slammy Awards! FFWD.” Yes…Ol JR messed the bed.

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