Jim Ross Arrives At WrestleMania, Lawler’s Heart Attack


Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with these newsbits:

— Jim Ross arrived in the New York City area earlier tonight. Rather than going out in public, the longtime WWE commentator has opted to remain at the hotel and catch up with “the boys”. He is expected to be out and about through the rest of the week meeting fans, so it comes as no surprise that he would want some privacy on his first night. Ross Tweeted: “Low key nite in jersey city. Haven’t left hotel. Gr8 catching up w/ ‘the boys.’ Nothing beats WrestleMania even after all these years. #WWE”

— When Jerry Lawler suffered his heart attack on live television earlier this year, Michael Cole did something that most people didn’t even know about. The WWE commentator tried to cover it up by immediately muting the microphones. Michael Cole did not want anyone to know about the heart attack, and he has a very special reason why. Cole, in a recently interview stated:

“At that point I thought this obviously isn’t good, he looked blue. So I jumped up, first thing I did and I’ll never forget this is I hit my mute switch on my box because I was screaming for the doctor … I remember doing it because I knew something serious was happening and I knew that his family watches the product and I didn’t want them to know at that point what was going on because I thought that if it was me I wouldn’t want my wife or anybody in my family to learn about what was happening from live television … At that point I just went into instinct mode and I just started calling the match that was going on in the ring and didn’t reference anything that was going on … So I’m down at ringside and I’ve got to do the rest of the show for an hour, I had no idea what’s going on. I’ve got my producers and Triple H and others telling me and giving me updates in my headset which I would come back on the air and say, ‘hey, this is the latest we heard,’ and so on and so forth and then at about 10:30 eastern, about a half hour before we went off the air, I remember somebody came in my headset, I can’t remember who it was, and they said, ‘Michael, you need to prepare for the worst.’ I’m like, ‘ok,’ and they said, ‘you need to be prepared to deliver the news.’ So at that point I knew what they were talking about obviously.”

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