Jim Ross Believes It Was Wise for Anthem To Bring Back Jeff Jarrett


On the recent edition of The Ross Report podcast, Jim Ross shared his thoughts on the TNA iPPV, as well as Anthem bringing back Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantell into the company. Below are some highlights, transcripts via WrestlingInc.com.

Ross on Anthem bringing back Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantell: “I’m glad to see Jeff Jarrett was retained by the new owners, Anthem, out of Toronto [Canada], as a consultant, I understand. I also thought it was very smart to bring back the very wise Dutch Mantell to help out with the creative and the booking and so forth, agent, whatever he’s doing. I’ll tell you this, I’d be more optimistic over the future of this brand if they were on a stronger domestic TV network than Pop TV, but it is the way it is. I don’t expect to see Jeff Jarrett on Impact [Wrestling] TV in any capacity, but I’ll tell you this, his knowledge could be a huge asset to Anthem if indeed the new owners listen to Jeff.”

Ross on TNA needing the talents to work more in the ring and talk less after watching their last iPPV: “The show had a little too much talk for me and when talent start repeating their premise, and repeating their point, you’ve lost me. That means that the piece is too damn long, so I would say to err on the side of caution [and] have shorter promos. Put your faith in what your talent does best and that is wrestle. Some people on the roster can talk, no doubt, but not everybody, and it seemed like everybody got a shot at it.”

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