Jim Ross Blogs: 3-Man Announce Team, UK Tour, UFC/FOX


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Jim Ross has posted another new blog. Here are the highlights…

On Three-man RAW announce team: “I wonder if the trio of Cole, Lawler and JBL are the new, full time Raw broadcast team? If so I think that it helps the three hour broadcast and I’ve never been one to embrace a three man broadcast booth in WWE or elsewhere within the genre but I do like these three and the job that they do. I’m still not wild about three man broadcast booths in the NFL or the NBA but they seem to work in the slower game of baseball. I encourage you to follow Cole and JBL on Twitter as they keep everyone updated on their various projects.”

On WWE’s UK tour and injuries: “WWE’s business on this current International Tour has been stellar thus far with every event near capacity or sold out. Plus, from what I understand there have no significant injuries to report thus far. (Knock on wood.)”

On UFC on FOX 7: “Great job by @UFC and @FoxSports Saturday from San Jose on #UFCONFOX7. The San Jose crowd really helped the show. This was a solid, exciting card from start to finish that kicked things off with an awesome fight between Jordan Mein and Matt Brown. These dudes fought each other like they owed each other money and gave the show a superb beginning. One can’t underestimate how important the opening moments of a broadcast are whether it be WWE or UFC, etc.”

The Rock’s In-Ring Future: “Has the Rock, @TheRock, wrestled his last match due to injury? Seems as if Rock has left that matter open for speculation depending on the results of the surgery and his non stop schedule, etc. However, knowing Dwayne as I do, I would think that he would want to go out differently and be remembered for one, last major bout. If I had to make a wager, I’d say we haven’t seen the last of @TheRock. The one wild card may be his movie partners who may not want to risk their franchise player stepping back in the ring. That’s all TBD. I would speculate that if Dwayne can’t do WM30 for any reason that he may be closer to done than many want to see.”

Steve Austin Wrestling Again: “Interesting note….recently I read about @steveaustinBSR being in great shape physically and looking excellent ala being in ‘show shape’ but not wrestling shape for a return to a WWE ring. News flash or as the one person in the world that I would really NOT want to take a long, care trip with, Nancy Grace, might say….BOMBSHELL….Steve is ALWAYS in great shape. Old habits die hard and the Texas Rattlesnake (Thanks, JR) is a gym guy in that he hits the gym regularly and with P&V. With all that said, the only way that I see Steve returning to the ring for one, final bout is obviously on the biggest stage (WM30), with the exact, right opponent (Who is that?) , and with a strategic game plan that Steve can emotionally invest . That’s a bunch of if’s so the door isn’t closed but it’s not exactly standing wide open either. Austin fans will continue to hold out hope until it’s either a done deal or not but a Stone Cold return at WM30 would help insure that the biggest event of 2014 would be a can’t miss event. AS I have said in the past, I’d gage an Austin return to WWE for a farewell promotion as 50/50 or less.”

New WWE Divas & New Divas E! Reality Show: WWE is bringing some new Diva prospects to NXT to begin training soon plus with the new, WWE Diva reality show that will be airing this Fall, I assume, on the E Network, I’d say that WWE is essentially setting the reset button on the Divas division sooner than later. E cameras were all over the place at WM29 as some new talents are also featured in this new show. Being the reality show junkie that I am, I’m looking forward to seeing this production and from what I could tell all the ladies were just being themselves, for better or for worse, and not doing ‘canned’ reality.

If you’re interested, you can view the full blog by clicking here.

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