Jim Ross Blogs: A Wrestler’s Union, Broke Stars, TNA


Jim Ross posted a new blog today at JRSBARBQ.com. He discusses things that he “is over,” or just is sick of dealing with. Here are the highlights…

On Wrestlers That Blew Their Money: Past their prime wrestlers who still won’t look in the mirror and admit that they blew their earnings by doing no financial planning including paying their taxes. Paying quarterly means paying four times per year not once very twenty five years. Same goes for other “I had it all and lost it athletes” who lived beyond their means.

On a Wrestler’s Union: The semi regular talk of forming a wrestling union by some pundits who love to tickle the keyboards in the name of doing something “good” for the “boys.” As I have said many times, trying to unionize wrestlers is a complete waste of time and it always has been. Rampant egos, basic ignorance of the topic and distrust of one’s peers would never allow it to happen.

On People Asking About TNA: Twitter followers asking me in depth booking questions re: TNA. I can’t give any answer that won’t be over analyzed so why even go there? More importantly, I do not watch TNA regularly so any opinion that I might have would not be an informed one and it would only provide for more. manufactured dirt.

On MMA Fans Attacking Him: MMA hard core fans who love to blast me every time that I write about UFC as if I have no ability to read or study the genre. UFC is a legit sport that I’ve studied much like football. Even had a college sports guy Tweet me the other day that he couldn’t believe a ‘wrestling guy’ was commenting on the college football playoff system that commences in two years. What an idiot.

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