Jim Ross Blogs: Cena’s Elbow Surgery, Ziggler/Kofi/RAW


Jim Ross has posted his latest blog on JrsBBQ.com in which he gives an update on John Cena’s elbow and reveals if he will be on RAW or not.

On John Cena’s elbow surgery: “I spoke with @JohnCena Monday and took a look at his surgically repaired elbow while he was doing rehab at the arena with Dr. Amman and the elbow and John’s arm in general looked gnarly. For those that don’t know, doing rehab on a repaired joint like an elbow is massively painful. In my opinion, it was highly admirable that Cena was even at RAW Monday considering the pain he was in but it speaks to the dedication and passion of the polarizing former WWE Champion who looks to be out of action somewhere between 6-8 weeks.

When Dr. Jim Andrews was able to get inside Cena’s elbow he found it to be in much worse condition than previously thought especially since John had been competing with the injury for several weeks. It was described to me that Dr. Andrews found a “junkyard” of loose debris and was amazing that Cena was able to compete in the condition the elbow was in. Knowing Cena’s mindset and his mental toughness, it’s impossible to say exactly when he will be medically released to step back in a WWE ring however I’d wager a case of JR’s Original BBQ Sauce that it will be sooner than anyone else that I can think of at the moment. ”

On Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston from RAW: “I loved helping Cole call the Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston bout Monday night. I thought the two, young superstars had a superb outing and that they truly maximized their in ring minutes to perfection. It was one of the better TV bouts that I have seen in quite some time. Bravo to both men. ”

On if he will be on Monday’s RAW: “Good to be back in Norman as it will be a busy week preparing for the upcoming OKC RAW that hits Chesapeake Arena this Monday night.”

You can read the full blog by clicking here.

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