Jim Ross Blogs: Cena’s Injury, Lawler’s Return Home, More


Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry. Here are the highlights…

On Jerry Lawler: The King coming home Monday via the WWE corporate jet from Montreal marks another step in the recovery of the Montreal Miracle of Monday September 10. Jerry Lawler’s recovery process is on going and I have heard no one estimate when he might be back at the announce desk on RAW much less those that are asking if and when he will return to the ring. I do know that if King can wrestle that he will. Jerry is a wrestler first and an announcer second as being a wrestler is what he’s done for 40+ years and I seriously doubt that he’s ready to hang up his boots. Every indy promoter will be frothing at the mouth to book King even more now than before. I’d suggest to all that slow, deliberate steps be taken.

On Commentary Replacements: I know is that it took two of us to replace @Jerry Lawler on RAW Monday. Working with @JCLayfield, who’s a funny SOB, and @MichaelCole who has become the voice of WWE and had his most defining moment in Montreal with the face of death looking him right in the eyes, was a blast for me. I knew Sunday that I was working Monday night and I was up and ready to roll Monday morning even though it was a short night after driving from Boston to Trumbull, Ct after Night of Champions. Thought for the first outing that our three man team closed the final two hours or so of Raw in a good way after feeling our way through the first part of the three hour broadcast. Three man teams are tough enough to execute well and are especially challenging when it’s the first time for the trio.

On John Cena’s Injury: Tough hand dealt to John Cena who had surgery Tuesday in Birmingham by Dr. James Andrews. Cena’s been wrestling hurt but is SO much tougher than many of his critics give him credit as they seem to be too busy knocking his in ring style. As a former offensive lineman, and a damn good one, @JohnCena will likely be back closer to two weeks than three if my guess is accurate. I fully expect to see John Cena in OKC on Monday October 1 for the “Jim Ross Appreciation Night” which is being promoted by WWE. I sure hope that we have a big crowd that night on what should prove to be a most memorable experience. John was one of my “recruits” back in the day and he’s never disappointed me once and is arguably the most over analyzed, major star that I can ever recall in my tenure in the business.

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