Jim Ross Blogs: CM Punk Situation, Edge/Beth Phoenix


Jim Ross has updated his blog with thoughts on CM Punk, Edge and more. Here are highlights:

On his first podcast: “Gearing up to have Steve Austin as my first Ross Report @PodcastOne guest that will drop to the world on Wednesday February 19. We plan on hitting the ground running! Slobber Knocker time and best of all the Ross Report will be FREE at PodcastOne.com and on ITunes. Looking at a variety of ways to make the shows fan friendly and interactive.”

On Edge and Beth Phoenix having a baby: “Congrats to friends Adam Copeland and his lady Beth on the birth of their baby daughter. I knew of this info a couple of weeks ago but sat on it until the proud Mom and Dad were ready to announce it. Everyone is healthy and happy as another happy citizen resides in Asheville, North Carolina.”

On WrestleMania XXX: “The speculation of what will or won’t be booked at WM30 is running rampant. I’m pleased that I have no dog in the fight and am more than willing to see how the card shakes out beyond the Elimination Chamber. I have a feeling that the final WM30 might not resemble what many folks think that it will be. I have actually been enjoying following WWE more now than I’m simply a fan who refuses to read spoilers or most other ‘leaks’ from the inside.”

On CM Punk: “I’ve heard nothing new on the CM Punk front. I’ve not reached to one of my all time favorite wrestles out in respect for his privacy. Let’s not over analyze this matter too. Punk’s burned out, he’s worn out and he’s not likely to return any time soon. However, I’d be remiss to speculate that he’s ‘done’ with the business for good. So…it’s going to be interesting to see who steps up and wants to earn Punk’s ‘spot.’ Who’s got the courage and confidence to demand that prime, TV time and spotlight? This matter has much more to do with individual talent’s attitude than one might think. The WWE can’t simply wave a magic wand and create a star.”

You can read Jim’s full blog by clicking here.

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