Jim Ross Blogs: Cole’s Commentary, Lesnar, Tag-Teams


Jim Ross posted his latest blog. Check out the highlights:

On Michael Cole’s commentary: “I’ve been impressed with Michael Cole’s more balanced commentary recently. He’s the new voice of WWE w/o question. Our handshake at WM28 ended any personal issues that I may have had with him. End of story.”

On WWE’s tag team division: “I see WWE tag team wrestling taking positive steps forward in 2012. Go ahead, roll your eyes at will. The lack of overall talent depth, no territories, etc affects all areas of the genre whether some fans want to admit it or not.”

On Brock Lesnar: “Lesnar and WWE may be a marriage made in Hell but it’s a relationship that I, as a fan, want to follow. When we signed Brock back in the day we knew tht he was going to be a handful and he was. However, athletic freaks like him don’t grow on trees and, like many coaches, etc, we put in the time necessary to keep Brock headed in the right direction as best that we could. He’s stubborn, anti social, uber talented, and volatile. Time will tell where Lesnar’s latest foray into WWE life takes him but as for me, I’m staying tuned.”

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