Jim Ross Blogs: Daniel Bryan, Punk/WWE, ROH, More


Jim Ross has posted a new blog at JRSBARBQ.com, here are the highlights…

On CM Punk: @CMPunk is WWE’s hottest performer at the moment and connects better than anyone I’ve seen in a while with the fans. I’ve seen average in ring talents that were able to connect with the paying customers earn big money and Punk is no average, in ring talent.

On Survivor Series: Re-watched portions of Survivor Series. There were a couple of bouts in particular that I would have enjoyed broadcasting but be that as it may I thought that @TheRock looked fantastic and certainly seemed quicker and arguably more athletic than he did at times during his original, WWE run. Very impressed. For a guy to be gone 7+ years and return in game shape and without ring rust is a helluva accomplishment.

On Daniel Bryan: After Daniel Bryan’s performance on the live, Smackdown I hope that WWE decision makers see that Bryan is a player and that fans will buy him in a main event level role. He may not pass some folk’s ‘eye test’ but Bryan has just a little bit of ‘it.’

On ROH: Yes, I’m a fan of ROH Wrestling and hope that their group finds great success. They present an unique product in today’s marketplace and their wrestlers work hard, are trying to make their mark and to earn a living. As time goes, on one of the best things that ROH can say is that they placed X number of talents in WWE. What would it mean for ROH to have an alum headline Wrestlemania?

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