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On Daniel Bryan: Memorable night for
Daniel Bryan who continues to dodge ‘authority bullets’ as the new, WWE World
Champion and had a stellar night Monday. Bryan is beginning to feel more
comfortable on the mic, which is essential for him. This goes for anyone as the
verbal side of pro wresting is and always had been imperative to one’s success.
The more natural the better when it comes to mic work but the more one appears
to be reciting lines from a script the more of a disconnect that it

On The Shield: The Shield declaring their true
colors as the show went off the air was significant. This gives WWE creative
plenty of options going forward and the chance for Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins
to take another step vertically not to mention when one or more of them ‘changes
jerseys’ how big a deal that will be. I’d hope that metamorphous is not any time
soon as the hotter The Shield becomes as fan favorites the more impactful they
will be as antagonists when the time is right.

On Cesaro and
Great night for Antonio Cesaro as he’s taking his wrestling
persona to a new and more upscale address. I do feel it will be challenging for
fans to boo Cesaro on a regular basis as his work, consistency and the Cesaro
Swing certainly seems to make him prime, fan favorite material even if he is a
Heyman Guy. Speaking of Paul Heyman, Paul had a magnificent night on RAW
delivering a home run on the Lesnar beating Taker promo. Heyman is the best
talker in the business and continues to do amazing work and has to be considered
as one of the greatest managers of all time on a short list that includes Bobby
Heenan and Jim Cornette. Before all is said and done, Paul may be the best, pure
manager to ever fulfill that role in the history of the business. Heyman’s duo
of Cesaro and Lesnar, who I’m sure some fans have already started fantasy
booking to face each other down the road, may be destined for strong, fan
favorite roles if the Monday night audience has any thing to say about

On New Talent Appearing: I’m optimistic that
Alexander Rusev and Lana can be hits within the WWE. Rusev is an athletic big
man while Lana is one of the most unique and marketable females to arrive in WWE
in a long while. I love her accent and delivery. Paige has a significant upside
and I can see her potentially having a Trish-Lita type rivalry with the talented
AJ Lee who is still WWE’s most consistent, in ring diva. Both ladies have
marketable, bell to bell skills and both can be aggressive in the ring which
translates well to all audiences. Based on what I saw Monday night, the new
talents that are flowing into WWE make the WWE’s future exciting. Now we see how
creative utilizes these talents and how the talents themselves diligently work
on getting better and not allowing themselves to get in a comfort zone which can
be the kiss of death.

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