Jim Ross Blogs: Dead HIAC Crowd, WCW’s Death, Ryback


Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry online. Check out the highlights:

On the dead crowd at Hell in a Cell: “Unique crowd in Atlanta on Sunday and not the typical Hotlanta grouping. Either we did not provide what they wanted to see or they, as a group, didn’t connect to the show. Nonetheless, for me it is always good to work in a city where I enjoyed living for so long and in a market that has created so many memories for yours truly. ”

On the death of WCW: “For the record, many blue suit wearing, phony smiling, corporate types who never respected the genre when we were together at WCW aren’t on the list of good memories. Former Turner ‘executive,’ and I use that term loosely, Bill Shaw once told me that “Donald Duck” could broadcast a wrestling match. WCW going belly up wasn’t a one man fiasco but a team effort within the ivory towers of the CNN Center from ignorant people who did not respect the product.”

On the Hell in a Cell announce team: “Three man announce teams such as we utilized at HIAC can be ‘busy’ but I thought we pulled it off well thanks to the efforts of @MichaelCole, who does all the traffic control, and the unique personality of @JCLayfield. It was a challenging night at ringside, as it always is, but I hope that those that listened to the commentary enjoyed what we attempted to provide which was merely some entertaining moments to compliment what you were seeing on the TV screen.”

On the Hell in a Cell main event: “Certainly the ‘rogue referee’ Brad Maddox story has folks talking and it will be interesting to hear what Maddox has to say at some point in the future which might be this Monday in Birmingham, England on RAW where I will travel to assist Michael Cole before the King returns to the announce table the following week in Columbus, Ohio. The British fans, really all the fans in that part of the world, are generally some of the most enthusiastic and loud fans that we experience which naturally helps make any broadcast better. ”

On the tag team division: “I’m liking the evolution of the tag team scene in WWE and expect to see several teams continue to develop and get more involved in the TV product as time goes on especially over the next few weeks. Team Rhodes Scholars, in particular, has the chance to become a really viable duo from where I sit.”

On WWE ’13: “#WWE13 has roared out the gate as it became available this past Tuesday and we’re getting great feedback on the Attitude Era aspect of the game which allows fans to become matchmakers and create some mighty intriguing bouts. I know that @JerryLawler and I enjoyed re-creating our commentary from that period of time. Industry experts have given WWE13 some amazingly positive reviews as it is expected to be the best selling WWE video game ever. @THQ is already immersed in work for their next WWE video game which will be released next fall.”

On the Survivor Series main event: “Pleased that WWE is having a traditional, Survivor Series Elimination tag team bout, Team Foley vs. Team Punk, as a feature attraction/main event at the Survivor Series this year in Indianapolis. I’ve always enjoyed seeing multiple conclusions and how teams respond to being a “man down” or more as these bouts progress. Elimination tag bouts are not used that much during the year so seeing a well promoted, main event level one at Survivor Series is encouraging to this fan.”

On Edge: “Great seeing Adam Copeland aka Edge for a few minutes Monday afternoon in Charlotte. Adam had just returned from a UK trip and dropped by to say hello to his many friends within WWE. He looked great, even well rested coming off a long flight, and was, as always, in great spirits. Great example of what passion and hard work will do for a lifelong fan of the genre who grew up in Ontario and currently resides in the Asheville, NC area. Adam will always be one of my absolute favorite signees and the WWE HOFer is a credit to the business. Plus, he’s hooked on JR’s Chipotle Ketchup!”

On WWE’s breast cancer fundraising: “Highly impressed and proud that WWE Universe helped raise $1M for the Susan G. Komen Foundation working on a cure for breast cancer. The Brinker family, who created and launched Chili’s restaurants, has worked tirelessly to create awareness and to find a cure for this hideous disease. I enjoyed visiting with them after Raw at the hotel. ”

You can read the full blog by clicking here.

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