Jim Ross Blogs: Heyman’s WWE Return, Punk/Bryan, More


Jim Ross has a new blog entry up, here are the highlights…

On Paul Heyman’s Return: Paul Heyman’s return is one of the more positive things to occur in WWE in a good while. As I have said over the years, Heyman’s TV persona is an easy one to dislike. We’ve had some classic on air disputes but none compare to some of the one’s that we have had off the air especially when we were teaming in Atlanta while working for WCW. What makes Heyman so effective is that he doesn’t play the ‘role’ of a villain who has litigious tendencies. Plus, Heyman is a life long fan who now has the chance to essentially reinvent himself with this unexpected return to the genre. It will likely be his last return to the business if I had to make a wager. I thought Heyman’s interaction with HHH Monday night was the highlight of the broadcast while it kicked off the show as nothing really could follow that compelling first segment of the night.

On CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan:Can’t wait to see CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title this Sunday night in Raleigh on PPV. Hope the Raleigh live audience is more emotionally invested that was the Greensboro audience a week or so ago. Punk vs Bryan should be off the page. I love their individual, in ring styles and, Lord knows, both men have paid ample dues. Some day, Punk vs. Bryan has a potential ‘Ironman Match’ written all over it or perhaps even a ‘best of three’ series of bouts.

On Dr Death Steve Williams: Dr Death Steve Williams would have been 52 on Monday if cancer had not taken the good doctor from us approximately three years ago. I’ve often wondered how successful Doc would have been in WWE if we had been able to sign him a decade or so earlier. We took a ‘flyer’ on him by signing him late in his career even though he had been banged up some but then the quad injury that he sustained in the ill fated Brawl for it All really curtailed any plans that we had for Steve. I’m asked regularly on Twitter @JRsBBQ if I ever forgave Doc for his work in WCW with Ed Ferrera’s JR presentation where my Bells palsy issues were mocked. I was NEVER angry or miffed with Doc as he needed work and was simply doing his job. Doc was ‘cast’ to play a role in a fictional environment and he did exactly as he was produced. I wasn’t so pleased with Ed and Vince Russo at the time but Ed, too, was largely in the same situation as Doc. That matter is long since water under the bridge and I’m certainly not angry or wish any ill will on any one involved and executed such a stupid idea.

On WWE Developmental: I’m very excited about today’s trip and tomorrow’s work in Orlando. I’m like a kid on his first day at a new school. I don’t know what to expect but am excited to be ‘enrolled.’ The future of the WWE lies within the Talent Development program and I am blessed to be able to help in that area in any way that the company sees fit. My role has yet to be outlined but I think I can assist in many areas and I’m excited to devote my time and energies to helping develop the young stars of tomorrow.

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