Jim Ross Blogs: His Health, WWE, Cole, NXT, More


Jim Ross has posted a new blog, discussing what he is thankful for. Here are the highlights…

On His Health: My health. I never asked for three bouts of Bells palsy in my life but that’s the hand that was dealt. It will never define me but it created career challenges that I’d have rather not had. Lesson learned is that we CAN persevere if we want to badly enough and I’m pleased to say that I’m healthier now than I’ve been in years.

On WWE: WWE. The best professional move that I ever made was coming to WWE in 1993. In approximately two months, I will be a 20 year guy in WWE while celebrating 39 years in the business in 2013. The McMahon family has facilitated all my wrestling dreams coming true and a quality of life that I never foresaw.

On The Attitude Era: Attitude Era. It was great being a part of the sound track for what likely will be the most glorious, point in time ever in the business and that will likely never be replicated. Fans clamoring for Attitude Era content are largely misguided. The key to the that era was the TALENT and to assemble a roster that, from top to bottom, resembles that of the Attitude Era isn’t too likely. The talents made the Attitude Era what it was and it wasn’t the coarse language or TV14 antics. “Michael Jordan’s” don’t grow on trees. The Attitude Era had multiple “Jordan’s.”

On Michael Cole: Michael Cole. Pleased that our controversial storyline issues are behind us and that we’ve been able to collaborate in a productive manner. I sincerely enjoyed working with Michael while the King was on the mend and have the utmost respect for @MichaelCole. Hopefully we can do it again some day under better circumstances.

On NXT: NXT. What a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to be involved in the talent development process and to work on the NXT tapings. NXT is the highlight of my present TV experience and that includes today’s RAW, etc and PPV’s…excluding WrestleMania, of course. The future of the WWE lies within their developmental program and subsequently how those talents are trained and prepared and subsequently introduced to the primary roster. I appreciate the opportunity to help contribute to this all important area and I’m excited about where it’s going. You won’t recognize WWE Talent Development this time next year.

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