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Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry online. Check out the highlights:

On his New Orleans RINGSIDE Shows: “I’ve been working on our NOLA shows a great deal and plan on getting to the Q&A’s quicker in the House of Blues shows on Thursday April 3. The No Holds Barred Q&A’s are popular and it allows the audience to interact which I thoroughly enjoy. Tickets are available for both shows at the House of Blues box office and via http://www.ticketmaster.com. Tickets will also be available the day of the shows on Thursday April 3. VIP Meet & Greet tickets however are getting scarce. Several wrestling personalities have inquired about tickets for our shows in New Orleans so I’m assuming that we might have several surprise guests in NOLA. BTW…if you are coming to our shows we will also be selling JR’s products with obviously no shipping or handling costs.”

On his Ross Report Podcast: “Getting great feedback on my interview with Mick Foley this week on the Ross Report Podcast. Mick and I had a great deal of fun and had a conversation between two friends and did not do a ‘performance’ where the guest went solo for long periods of time. For those that think that I interrupted Mick too much, I apologize, but my interview style is to be interactive and to ask questions and/or to simply interject what I’m thinking. That’s not changing. I’m going to engage every guest and present them with as many topics to discuss as I can not to mention going ‘off road’ if the topics warrant such. It’s not much different than if two friends were on a car trip or sitting next to each other on bar stools. Some listeners seem to be especially entertained apparently by my definition of ‘slow burn’ booking and a few examples of what is ‘slow burn.'”

On his FOX Sports column: “The stories on WrestleMania 1-29 that I’m writing for foxsports.com will air in three parts and will begin this Tuesday online. I’ve been working on this three part feature for several weeks as it has become a huge undertaking. I think that you will enjoy it especially when we get to WrestleMania 9, where I debuted, through last year. Lots of personal observations and experience plus some great feed back from many who were participants in the Super Bowl of Sports Entertainment.”

You can read the full blog by clicking here.

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