Jim Ross Blogs: Monday’s RAW, Orton vs. Goldust, More


Credit: JRSBARBQ.com

Jim Ross has posted a new blog. Here are the highlights…

On Orton vs. Goldust: Great build up for Goldust vs Orton. The match was a good one too w/ the last five minutes hitting another level w/ all the near falls. Enjoyed the pace of Goldust vs Orton too. Far too many talents in the biz wrestle too fast more often than not & if the audience doesn’t have the time to process and feel what they are seeing, then who wins?

On Paul Heyman: Paul Heyman feigning a knee injury was funny. Reminded me of an old time promoter who pulled that stunt in grocery stores to score paydays back in early 70’s. Punk’s act of caning was timely and memorable.

On The HHH/Edge Promo: The verbal interaction between HHH/Edge was compelling & a great way to start off Raw. Would love to see those two go at it but that’s never going to occur.

On Antonio Cesaro: Antonio Cesaro, one of my personal favorites, and his marathon Giant Swing was big league. Shades of Killer Kowalski & Don Leo Jonathan.

You can read the full blog by clicking here.

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