Jim Ross Blogs On 2017 Royal Rumble, Charlotte Flair – Sasha Banks Rivalry, Final Battle


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted anew blog on his website and here are the highlights:

On 2017 Royal Rumble:

“I like that both Lesnar and Goldberg are both in the Royal Rumble match as it should help move tickets locally for the Alamo Dome extravaganza. I’d love to see an official announcement that both HBK and Taker are going to be on hand in some role as to add to the marketable nostalgia for the event. The two legends do not need to wrestle but being creatively utilized in some manageable manner would help the event feel bigger and more desirable to attend.”

On Charlotte Flair wrestling Sasha Banks at the Roadblock PPV:

“The Charlotte-Sasha Banks rivalry has been well scripted and produced and on Monday night all involved executed their roles well. I find it shocking that some people, even many within the business, are complaining about how many times the two women have wrestled each other which I simply don’t understand. I feel that both women have the skill set to carry out a long arcing storyline but in today’s microwave climate patience is not a virtue with today’s fan base for the most part.

The 30 minute Ironman, (why not Ironwomen BTW?) match will be a challenge to Sasha and Charlotte as it will require a logical pace, timely selling, a ongoing, underlying thread to their match I.E. someone has a dented body part and it is exploited. I applaud WWE and the two ladies for this booking and wish them the best of luck in telling a great story while continuing to advance their gender’s place within the “man’s world” of pro wrestling.”

On ROH’s Final Battle PPV:

“Sources tell me that the ROH PPV of last Friday on the FITE TV app did the best numbers that ROH PPV’s have done to date on FITE. Congrats to ROH as the aggressive, in ring wrestling show that delivered inside the ropes and at the box office, too.”

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