​Jim Ross Blogs On Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 Fight, Lawler’s Suspension Being Lifted, & More


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with the latest edition of his The Ross Report, Jim Ross gave his thoughts on if a loss at UFC 200 will end up hurting Brock Lesnar in WWE. Here are highlights:

On Brock Lesnar at UFC 200: “I heard that Lesnar had two more WrestleManias on his contract, so that means he would be with the company, if this is true and it may not be, so nobody should go jump on the line on this one if they hear this on our podcast, but I heard that he had two more WrestleManias remaining on his contract. So, if that’s true, that would be 33 and 34, so he is a major part of the success of those two WrestleManias without question. And it’s almost a blessing to know that probably when that deal ends, he’s probably going to want to hang it up. He’ll be north of 40. He [has] got young kids, young boys. He [has] got a farm. He [has] got land. He likes to hunt. He’s a blue collar guy. He’s a different breed of cat. That’s why he’s so damn great. So I think that, win or lose, he’s going to be a made man in WWE for as long as he wants to be there because there’s nobody vying for his role. There’s nobody that compares to him”

On Jerry Lawler’s suspension being lifted: “He understands the delicateness of the situation, but he also understands that he’s innocent, so I think that it’ll all come out. And, hopefully, people can put the pieces back together and move on.”

On how much longer Lawler will work as an announcer: “When you’re getting ready to switch up brands, it’s not a bad time to reevaluate all your announce teams and how do you want to configure your announce teams for these brands. I have a hard time seeing WWE without some presence of Jerry Lawler on their air for the foreseeable future. Obviously, he’s 66 years old. This is not going to last forever. And it may not last, he may not want it to last past his current deal. I don’t have any idea, but he is 66 years old and it is weekly travel. And I can tell you, I’m younger than him, but when I got off of weekly travel, it was like I’d gotten on the gravy train.”

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