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On Brock Lesnar and The WWE Title
Who’s next for WWE Champion Brock Lesnar? Lots of people are
wondering…. I say don’t count out a ‘regrouped’ John Cena which makes great
sense to me. Others could include to varying degrees Cesaro, Big Show, Mark
Henry and a surprise entrant/possibility that I talk about on the Grande Podcast
this week. For those wondering, It’s WAY too early for Roman Reigns to get into
the WWE World Title hunt IMO. He’s a work in progress but has a great foundation
on which to build. Building the Perfect Beast takes time which some younger,
less patient fans don’t want to hear. Nonetheless, this is the perfect
opportunity for John Cena to return to RAW next week and perhaps give us a peek
into what he may change in his presentation and approach the next time he fights
Lesnar which will be at the Night of Champions in September. Cena does not need
a wholesale make over but some subtle tweaks would be timely.

On Paul Heyman:
@HeymanHustle promo Monday night on RAW is the foundation as to why Brock Lesnar
can be a marketable and huge money drawing WWE World Champion and not have to be
at every TV. Heyman can represent Lesnar and keep the Beast Incarnate relevant
which in turn keeps and maintains Heyman’s status in WWE as arguably their most
unsung MVP. There’s absolutely no one else in the business that can fill
Heyman’s shoes. If an aspiring wrestler/manager/announcer want to learn their
craft consume as much of Heyman’s oratory as possible.

On TNA’s TV Situation:
Seems like it is approaching Crunch Time for Impact Wrestling to find a TV home
for the foreseeable future. The fall season is rapidly approaching. I’m hoping
that Spike and Impact strike a deal to keep the wrestling brand on Wednesdays
away from the NFL and continue to do business. Even though some uninformed types
feel that I don’t like Impact, nothing could be farther from the truth. Many
networks would love to have a show that will consistently deliver 1M plus
viewers every week in prime time one has to think.

On His Podcast: Next
Tuesday night at 9 pm eastern, my guest will be my former broadcast partner Tony
Schiavone and we cover LOTS of ground from the early days of our wrestling
careers while working together for Jim Crockett Promotions and in WCW. Another
superb show featuring a great guest. In two weeks my conversation with the
legendary Stan Hansen airs on the Ross Report which I loved recording. All our
scheduled guests are listed for your review on the home page of this website.
Tuesday night I recorded a fun podcast with former WWE, WCW and TNA writer and
now college professor Ed Ferrara and we talked about the Attitude Era, Why Ed
and Vince Russo bolted WWE for WCW, the Attitude Era, the early days of TNA and
much, much more.

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