​Jim Ross Blogs On “Food Fights” On WWE Television, The Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton Rumors


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with his latest blog on JRSBARBQ.com. Here are some highlights:

On food fights on WWE TV: “My personal memories of a WWE Food Fight aren’t glowing (Ruined an expensive hat) . I sat through one of those once for the enjoyment of some in creative I’m assuming. Not sure who ‘got over’ then or Monday night but apparently it was in the name of entertainment and comedic entertainment in pro wrestling is, to be kind, subjective, at best.”

On the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and comparisons to Mauro Ranallo: “Anxious to watch the WWE Cruiserweight Open that airs Wednesday night on the WWE Network and listening to Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan broadcast the event. Mauro is a breath of fresh air in the land of wrestling broadcasters. Great hire by WWE but I’m assuming that my Canadian friend is getting weary of being compared to “JR back in the day.” Mauro is Mauro and that works for me and his fans plus I’m not dead just yet and still have some fuel in the tank which we attempt to exhibit on Friday nights on AXSTV for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Hopefully a few Cruiserweight talents will make an impact and find a full time home in WWE. It’s a smart, strategic move by WWE to focus on these deserving athletes who will all weight under 205 pounds.”

On rumors of Brock Lesnar’s WWE Summerslam opponent: “Rumor has it that Brock Lesnar will likely face the returning Randy Orton at Summer Slam. Not sure if the rumor is true but if it is I hope Orton is ready for some suplexes on his repaired shoulder that has been problematic for Randy for a good while. Obviously the outcome of the Lesnar-Hunt UFC 200 fight could potentially alter Lesnar’s appearance in Brooklyn in August.”

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