Jim Ross Blogs On Last Night’s WWE TLC PPV


Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry. Here are the highlights…

On The Opening Match: Hot start with CM Punk and the Shield. a creative match with a surprising outcome that kept Punk ‘good’ and furthered the apparent dissension within the ranks of the trio. This matched challenged the balance of the card to follow them which I love. If I’d had a say this is the match that I would have chosen to kick off the show too. Good call in my book. The late, Eddie Guerrero was once highly pissed when he had to open a PPV and felt insulted. He wasn’t in the main event that night and I had to sit with him and explain his role for that particular PPV. He got it and essentially stole the show and soon found himself going on later in the card on PPV events. Going on first did not affect Eddie’s pay and it set the bar for all that followed to attempt to reach. Next order of business is many fans will second guess the strategy of what seems to be the Shield getting close to imploding. I have no issues with that particular creative matter and no crystal ball to determine if it will be successful or not. My guess is that it is a good thing and should enhance Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins who, in time, are all main event level talents.

On The Tag Title Match: Forecast that the Fatal 4 Way might be the sleeper on the PPV and it arguably was. Happy that WWE made it an elimination rules tag bout as I also wrote about in a pre TLC blog. The elimination rules makes for a better story and the elimination of teams makes the match ‘cleaner’ as it leads to the conclusion. The Rhodes Brothers are the best thing to happen to the WWE tag team scene in a long time.

On The Main Event: Sincerely appreciated the hard work from both John Cena and Randy Orton in the unification match to create the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion. TLC sounds great on paper and makes for a sensational video promo but the match stips can be very limiting. Based on today’s boundaries, I thought that the two men did all that they could do to utilize the ‘toys’ that they had to play with but at the end of the day I’d have been just as happy to have seen a straight wrestling match considering what was at stake. I predicted Orton to win last week here and for no particular reason other than I’ve always enjoyed various periods of time when there was a villain champion who was being chased by the dogged hero who was striving to be the champion. It will be interesting to see if any new individuals get inserted into the Championship picture. That should be everyone’s goal, right? With being WWE World Champion comes great responsibility and requires virtually a 24/7 commitment to the role. Closing the shows on which one is booked, having stellar matches on a nightly basis, carrying one’s self as the ‘top guy’ outside the ring and a litany of other behind the scenes matters makes being the WWE World Champion a massively challenging professional matter that contains many life changing elements.

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