Jim Ross Blogs On Rusev vs. Roman Reigns For The US Title, Talking Smack, More


Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry on his website. Here are some of the highlights.

Rusev vs. Roman Reigns in a US Title match: “Easy to see how high a priority Reigns vs Rusev is to WWE when they placed that match on Monday night before the Presidential Debate started which destroyed essentially everything on TV Monday night including woodshedding Monday Night Football. “

John Cena’s promo on Talking Smack on Tuesday: “BTW…Cena on Talking Smack on WWE Network is worth watching No script…real talk….legit results.”

Brand extension: “I’m of the believe that the brand separation is still a work in progress but is showing signs of eventual success. Still of the mindset that we will be better able to make an educated & informed take on the matter when we see what each brand delivers for Wrestlemania in Orlando.”

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