​Jim Ross Blogs On TNA Wrestling vs. WWE SmackDown Due To The Brand Split, The Future Of NXT


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog on his JRSBARBQ.com website. In his latest blog, Ross discusses the WWE brand split, TNA Wrestling vs. WWE SmackDown going head-to-head on Tuesday nights, the future of WWE NXT and more. Here are some highlights:

On the negative reaction to the brand split: “The WWE brand separation should be perceived by logical, non knee jerk, pro wrestling fans as a good thing IMO. For those who build their arguments against this matter by saying that “WWE always screws thins up, etc” I suggest that those individuals retreat to their room and engage in more social media.”

On what will happen to NXT: “NXT also figures in to this matter prominently and I don’t see WWE disabling their third brand whatsoever but NXT also doesn’t need as many viable bodies to make it successful. That’s not a knock but merely a fact as I’m a big, NXT fan.”

On TNA airing the same night as Smackdown: “My suggestion to TNA is to tweak their Tuesday start time to avoid wrestling fan’s having ot make a decision of which wrestling show to watch, a live, Smackdown or a taped Impact Wrestling. For TNA to go head to head against WWE on Tuesday nights is ill advised.”

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