Jim Ross Blogs: Orton’s Injury, ‘Taker, Miz’ Heat, More


Jim Ross has a new blog up at JRSBARBQ.com, here are the highlights…

On the US & IC Titles: Do the IC and US titles need more focus and to be featured more? If you ask the question then, to you, the answer is yes. I personally agree that both these respected titles could use some shine. Both their champions are excellent and are expected to be a significant part of WWE’s future…Rhodes and Ziggler.

On The Undertaker: Is Taker coming back as the American BadAss character? I honestly do not know. I enjoy knowing less, enjoyng the TV shows more, and seeing how things organically play out. I don’t have the desire to know every detail of what’s going on in advance of it happening as do some.

Why did Taker cut his hair? Beats the hell of of me but I’m sure that matter will be addressed when the time comes. Until then, I, like many of you, will stay tuned. I’ve never gotten so many questions on one topic on Twitter as I have regarding Undertaker’s hair. Wow.

On The Divas: It seems as if the Diva division in WWE is slow beginning to be more significant. Beth Phoenix is evolving into an intriguing character while Tamina has been evolving steadily. Of course, folks are clamoring for a Kharma vs Phoenix match which will likely happen some day. Kharma only gave birth to her son on New Year’s Eve so her coming back full time is likely still a ways away.

On Randy Orton: It seemed as if I sort of drove up on Orton and Show squaring off in the ring. This is the bout where Orton got concussed and has now been eliminated from competing at the Elimination Chamber PPV this Sunday. Concussions are not and cannot be dealt with any way but seriously. WWE does a really nice job regarding talent’s injuries with a full time medical doctor at every event along with a certified athletic trainer.

On The Miz: CM Punk dominated Miz more than the scoreboard perhaps indicated. Punk has connected strongly to the fans while Miz’ career seemingly needs to be jump started compared to Miz being in a WrestleMania main event just one year ago.

Be sure to check out the full blog at http://www.JRSBARBQ.com/

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