Jim Ross Blogs: Orton vs. Cena, Bad News Barrett, More


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Jim Ross has posted a new blog. Here are the highlights…

On John Cena & Randy Orton’s Brawl On RAW: “The end of show brawl featuring John Cena and Randy Orton helped the broadcast and added much needed sizzle on the TLC PPV where WWE will unify the WWE and World Titles. By the time one gets to the end of the 3rd hour of RAW, an argument can be made that most fans have heard enough talking. So if RAW closes with verbiage it must be strong talk but adding the brawl was timely.

On The WWE Title Unification: “Speaking of Cena vs. Orton at TLC to unify the two primary titles, I think that they will have a helluva match because they have legit chemistry and will likely have 30+ minutes to tell a compelling story. I also get the sense they both realize that their main event at TLC in the great city of Houston can’t be just another PPV closing main event. My expectations for this match are extraordinarily high.”

On Brodus Clay Turning Heel: “Looks like Brodus Clay is becoming a villain. I’m all for that. Always talked to him at NXT about my experiences with a young, One Man Gang who was a tremendous villain for Cowboy Bill Watts Mid South Wrestling. Watch Gang on the Legends of Mid South DVD. Different dude that many remember seeing in WWE.”

On Bad News Barrett: “Not sure what’s up with Wade Barrett but I’m willing to give his new persona a chance. I like Barrett and think that he can be a player. Would love to see him aligned with William Regal which would help Barrett on many fronts.”

On Getting Ribbed On RAW: “Yes, I got the inside joke on me regarding famous, Oklahoma wrestling announcers when JBL and Cole mentioned the late Reasor Bowden and the late Boyd Pierce. Reasor was the Mid South ring announcer and was from Shreveport and worked at KTBS channel 3 while Boyd was a ring announcer and broadcaster who lived in Burleson, Texas.Oh, that witty, announcer repartee.”

You can read Jim’s full blog by clicking here.

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